Chanah's Hair Craq Leave~In~Conditioner

Chanah's Hair Craq Leave~In~Conditioner

Shalom! I'm super excited to tell y'all about my Chanah's hair Craq Leave~In~Conditioner!

It's made with aloe and castor oil to protect your hair from root to tip in any weather from the hot Arizona Blaze to the Coldest Michigan weather. The hair gowth properties of thyme and my mix of other hair strenghthening and thickening organic essential oils, is amazing! It's almost like your hair is on....well nevermind. Anyway, if you know anything know this..

🎶Chanah's Hair Craq, track record is facts, the good stuff, that dont let them folicles crack!🎶

Lol! Enjoy Loves

P.S Excellent paired together with Our Rice Water Shampoo!

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