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a soap story

My Families Journey To Skin Health

Hebrew Pure Products. Is a business that began in the kitchen of a tiny 2 bedroom home and is the product of one mothers quest to help her son find relief from the pain of eczema. My son suffered from eczema at a very young age. I spent years taking him to family docs, dermatologists, eastern medicine docs you name it we researched it. My driving force was the pain on my little guys face when he had an out break and the black irritated skin that blotched over his small brown body. Sometimes the rashes would be so bad they'd crack and bleed and my son would just be miserable. One day I met an extremely nice lady who saw my sons issue while we were out one day shopping. She introduced herself as an herbal soap maker, she gifted me a bar of soap to try on my son. We tried it and it worked!!!! Only problem was that bar of soap cost like $12 bucks a bar! Major issue we were a big family already and living on a modest budget, so paying $12 for one bar of soap would add up quick! I didn't know what to do. My son was running out of the soap and I didn't want to see him go back to the skin he suffered in. So I googled how to make soap... and the rest is history. 5 years later...no more eczema, no more skin issues (except for the teenage acne, but that's another fight😉) either way we sure are happy for the trial we went through. Now we get to share what we learned with all of y'all and I pray we get to help some folks out along the way!


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